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5 big data and analytics trends to watch in 2019

Big data and analytics have become the backbone of business. But will that spine grow and mature, or will it morph the shape of business—again? Here is a look at the year ahead.

It wasn’t so long ago that big data was a shiny new phenomenon promising a take-no-prisoners business takeover. Now that data and analytics are vital to business and deeply entrenched, the question is whether the technology will grow and mature in 2019, be replaced by something else, or continue to reshape businesses in new and interesting ways.

The answer may be some of each, as it turns out. Here are the top predictions of what we can expect next year.

Big data is dead, long live big data

Back in 2017, Mark Beyer, an analyst at Gartner, wrote big data’s obituary: “Rest in pieces…in all those other technologies where you belong.” Svetlana Sicular, another Gartner analyst, reiterated Beyer’s assessment in a blog post, saying the information behemoth, or at least its moniker, is indeed dead, “because we still get questions about what Gartner thinks about the big data fate. Big data became the new normal, and now it is just data.” READ MORE



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