Hybrid Cloud

Reduce complexity to unleash speed

Combining cloud with on-premises IT brings unparalleled flexibility and scalability to your business. But the resulting hybrid cloud environment introduces complexity that can impact productivity. HPE software-defined and cloud solutions reduce operational friction, offering a cloud-like experience across your entire infrastructure. With software-enabled automation and simplified hybrid cloud management to streamline and speed operations, you can focus on new projects that deliver a competitive edge.

Streamline with software-defined and cloud solutions

Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code, using powerful software to quickly deploy IT resources for any workload.

Software-defined infrastructure

Create a software-defined environment within your data centre to accelerate application development and deployment, reduce costs and streamline IT operations.

Multi-cloud management

Improve operational efficiency and achieve your digital transformation objectives with a comprehensive, unified, multi-cloud management solution.

On-prem infrastructure illustration

On-premises infrastructure

Simplify your on-premises infrastructure environment by bringing a cloud experience to your data centre.

Multi-cloud management illustration

Multi-cloud management

Reduce the friction caused by multiple siloed clouds with a unified view of all of your clouds in one place.

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