Modernize IT Operations: Meet HPE Datacenter Care

Customers are asking a lot more from their IT support providers these days, and rightly so. The technology of today’s businesses is – to borrow the old GM slogan – not your father’s data center. It’s a complex, dynamic suite of multi-vendor solutions that includes both on-prem and public cloud plus IT is constantly expanding its scope as companies push new business models and require new innovative IT solutions. It’s a mix of heavy-duty workloads like SAP running alongside front-end, cloud-native apps. There’s a growing emphasis on performance and automation, plus more focus on security and compliance.

IT Organizations will benefit from access to additional expertise, insight, and best in class proven advice to meet these IT challenges.

How far we’ve come (and how far we still need to go)

Take backup, for instance. Back when I started my career 30+ years ago, part of my IT role was performing backups overnight for a large company in London. I remember carrying boxes of tapes all the way down Oxford Street to a secure location. I used to wonder how long it would take to recover from an outage if one occurred. So many elements would have to work perfectly including physically transferring the tapes back to the datacenter, loading the data then getting all the applications and systems operational. Would the process work, how long would it take, what could go wrong, had we identified and mitigated all the potential risks? In the years I worked in that role, I don’t recall anybody ever testing the backup & recover process!

5 big data and analytics trends to watch in 2019

Big data and analytics have become the backbone of business. But will that spine grow and mature, or will it morph the shape of business—again? Here is a look at the year ahead.

It wasn’t so long ago that big data was a shiny new phenomenon promising a take-no-prisoners business takeover. Now that data and analytics are vital to business and deeply entrenched, the question is whether the technology will grow and mature in 2019, be replaced by something else, or continue to reshape businesses in new and interesting ways.

The answer may be some of each, as it turns out. Here are the top predictions of what we can expect next year.

Big data is dead, long live big data

Back in 2017, Mark Beyer, an analyst at Gartner, wrote big data’s obituary: “Rest in pieces…in all those other technologies where you belong.” Svetlana Sicular, another Gartner analyst, reiterated Beyer’s assessment in a blog post, saying the information behemoth, or at least its moniker, is indeed dead, “because we still get questions about what Gartner thinks about the big data fate. Big data became the new normal, and now it is just data.” READ MORE

How safe are you from a cyber-attack?

20 million server face Microsoft End of Support (EoS) Deadline

Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows Server 2008 is coming soon. Customers still running Windows Server 2008 after end of support will face a number of challenges: increased threat of cybercrime, loss of support for popular applications, rising costs and limited options for Cloud computing.

Learn more about the benefits of migrating to Windows Server 2016/ Windows Server 2019 on HPE Gen10 Servers

Windows Server 2016 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers

Why should customers migrate from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers? Read more here

Disrupting cyberwar with open source intelligence

When invaders turned the digital information space into a battlefield, citizen volunteers innovated a new kind of combat. Ukrainian activists are working on the front lines to fight information aggression.

For better or for worse, warfare drives technology innovation. World War I turned the airplane from a rickety contraption into an essential force in battlefield dominance; World War II brought us jet planes, radar, and atom bombs. Today, attacks come through the Internet, not from the sky—and so do the responses.

The cyberattack offensive that Russia launched in Ukraine in 2014 introduced a new doctrine, hybrid warfare, that blends special-forces military action, sophisticated propaganda, social media manipulation, and hacking. And the resistance is coming from volunteers who work together.

Don’t settle for two-tiered IT

In order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital era, businesses are transforming and IT leaders are implementing hybrid cloud environments. To support a new and ever-changing generation of technology solutions, businesses seek a hybrid IT environment in which all infrastructure is flexible, automated, and easy to manage. On-premises deployment is deemed optimal, however the needs that drive public cloud adoption remain. Businesses face resource and knowledge constraints and must find a way to introduce the benefits of the public cloud into their data center environments. As a solution, businesses turn to advisory and management services to address the key challenges throughout the digital transformation. Learn more

Mobility and IoT in the digital age

Build efficient, quality synergies among humans, machines, software, and environments to achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the digital age. Our broad portfolio of mobility and IoT solutions will help you succeed today and in the future.

Realize the promises of mobility and IoT solutions now

Simplify mobility with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure, and unified communications. We provide products, services, and integration specialists—including market-leading offerings from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Connecting customer experiences, the workplace, and the unconnected

Unleash innovation with IoT. Mobile IOT helps drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.


Modern customer experiences

Deliver personalized offers and product information with location-based services. Enhance customer experiences with apps for specific tasks, and industries.


Making business smarter

Develop smart workplaces  by bridging the physical and digital with actionable intelligence to boost employee productivity and efficiency

Connecting the unconnected

Computing at the intelligent edge reduces delay and bandwidth consumption while uncovering ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop business. continue reading

New Offers for small and midsize businesses

Should you choose time over money, or money over time? This is one of those so-called dilemmas of happiness.  It’s hard to choose; we all want both.  At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we believe both are important as to how we offer our IT to you.  Beginning in February, HPE is introducing a new operating model that will save small and midsize customers both time and money.

These new SMB offers will initially be available for these platforms i.e. HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server, HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen10 Server, HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen9 Server, and HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10.  By streamlining our portfolio we are keeping the model simple with value-add configurations that can include HPE Pointnext operational services, as well as integrated software.  These offers can be quickly deployed by our partners for our customers.

This new operating model brings these two most important key elements – special low pricing and quick deployment since these products are always in stock and ready to ship from our partners.  Available for purchase or as a monthly subscription, you will find our new offers affordable and simple to acquire.  And you may be able to trade in your old IT for cash back.

These new offers will be deployed regionally as Smart Buy Express Offers in North America, Top Value Offers in Europe, and Intelligent Buy Offers in Asia Pacific and Japan.

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