Hybrid Virtualization

Adaptable, Scalable. And above all…Reliable. HPE IT Solutions can meet your virtualization needs. HPE Virtualization solutions are dependable for any size business.


You have reaped the benefits of virtualization to lower cost and unleash efficiency. Now, modernize your virtualization across your entire data center to drive even greater speed and efficiency.


It’s no longer enough to just virtualize. Innovations such as software-defined composable and hyperconverged infrastructures, and hybrid cloud solutions can help you manage and streamline your operations so you can accelerate your business with confidence

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Modernize IT Operations: Meet HPE Datacenter Care

Customers are asking a lot more from their IT support providers these days, and rightly so. The technology of today’s businesses is – to borrow the old GM slogan – not your father’s data center. It’s a complex, dynamic suite of multi-vendor solutions that includes both on-prem and public cloud plus IT is constantly expanding its scope as companies push new business models and require new innovative IT solutions. It’s a mix of heavy-duty workloads like SAP running alongside front-end, cloud-native apps. There’s a growing emphasis on performance and automation, plus more focus on security and compliance.

IT Organizations will benefit from access to additional expertise, insight, and best in class proven advice to meet these IT challenges.

How far we’ve come (and how far we still need to go)

Take backup, for instance. Back when I started my career 30+ years ago, part of my IT role was performing backups overnight for a large company in London. I remember carrying boxes of tapes all the way down Oxford Street to a secure location. I used to wonder how long it would take to recover from an outage if one occurred. So many elements would have to work perfectly including physically transferring the tapes back to the datacenter, loading the data then getting all the applications and systems operational. Would the process work, how long would it take, what could go wrong, had we identified and mitigated all the potential risks? In the years I worked in that role, I don’t recall anybody ever testing the backup & recover process! https://community.hpe.com/t5/Transforming-IT/Modernize-IT-Operations-Meet-HPE-Datacenter-Care/ba-p/7022078#.W_QaItUzapp

Hybrid File and Backup

Data loss can lose you business. Prevent data loss from becoming money loss with @HPE IT Solutions. Protect your business and data with #HPEHybridFileAndBackup.


With cloud, it’s never been easier—or faster—to deploy applications. Without cross-cloud visibility to manage hybrid cloud resources and applications, the result may be unpredictable spending and inefficiency that thwarts productivity and agility.

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Extend Your Wi-Fi Everywhere

A university is building a new science and engineering center a couple of blocks from the main campus. Options for connecting the new buildings to the rest of campus are limited.

The university can dig up the street to connect the new buildings to the campus fiber ring, but digging up the streets is expensive, highly disruptive and requires permits which at times are not feasible. It could use point-to-point solution, but getting a reliable, high-quality point-to-point microwave link is challenging and requires a careful design and installation by skilled RF engineers. Again, more cost and time. And when it rains, the signal can fade.

But there’s another option for fast point-to-point wireless: 802.11ad, which operates at 60 GHz.

Now, the university can quickly and easily connect its new buildings to the main campus at 1 Gbps or higher CONTINUE READING


Adobe Creative Cloud for business

What’s new?
There’s always something new in Creative Cloud. The latest updates empower you to explore
new creative frontiers in 3D design, voice prototyping, 360/VR video, and more.

For teams Creative

Cloud for teams is ideal for small to midsize businesses, with hassle-free deployment, expert training, and advanced technical support.

Cloud for teams is ideal for small to midsize businesses, with hassle-free deployment, expert training, and advanced technical support.

For enterprise Creative

Cloud for enterprise is ideal for large businesses and institutions, with centralized license management, customizable cloud services, Single Sign-On (SSO), and enterprise-grade support. Learn more


5 big data and analytics trends to watch in 2019

Big data and analytics have become the backbone of business. But will that spine grow and mature, or will it morph the shape of business—again? Here is a look at the year ahead.

It wasn’t so long ago that big data was a shiny new phenomenon promising a take-no-prisoners business takeover. Now that data and analytics are vital to business and deeply entrenched, the question is whether the technology will grow and mature in 2019, be replaced by something else, or continue to reshape businesses in new and interesting ways.

The answer may be some of each, as it turns out. Here are the top predictions of what we can expect next year.

Big data is dead, long live big data

Back in 2017, Mark Beyer, an analyst at Gartner, wrote big data’s obituary: “Rest in pieces…in all those other technologies where you belong.” Svetlana Sicular, another Gartner analyst, reiterated Beyer’s assessment in a blog post, saying the information behemoth, or at least its moniker, is indeed dead, “because we still get questions about what Gartner thinks about the big data fate. Big data became the new normal, and now it is just data.” READ MORE


How safe are you from a cyber-attack?

20 million server face Microsoft End of Support (EoS) Deadline

Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows Server 2008 is coming soon. Customers still running Windows Server 2008 after end of support will face a number of challenges: increased threat of cybercrime, loss of support for popular applications, rising costs and limited options for Cloud computing.

Learn more about the benefits of migrating to Windows Server 2016/ Windows Server 2019 on HPE Gen10 Servers

Windows Server 2016 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers

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