Terms and Conditions

  • Quotations are in Botswana Pula but can be based on Foreign Exchange Rates
  • The prices the quotation are subject to change without notice.
  • Any order or contract resulting from this quotation will be subject to the payment terms specified.
  • Payment for the goods will be accepted in the quoted currencies only, as shown above.
  • Import duties, taxes, transport and statutory obligations are calculated at the date of this quotation, and are subject to fluctuation should subsequent changes occur.
  • All risks on the goods supplied against any order resulting from this quote shall pass to the purchaser once delivered to or installed at their premises.
  • Delivery will be effected ex-stock.
  • ASC Services is not responsible for any alterations to the delivery period, or loss of goods in transit, due to acts of God, war, political strife, strike action or any other reason beyond its control.
  • Any contract resulting from this quotation will be treated in accordance to the prevailing Botswana law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Botswana courts.
  • Errors and Omissions Excepted         
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