Business Continuity Services


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning are fundamental to the
well being of any organisation as their purpose is to ensure continuity in the
face of unforeseen or difficult circumstances.
Without an effective and, more importantly, achievable plan in place,
businesses run the risk of compromising their strategic plans, credibility in the
eyes of their customers and even the stability of the company itself.


We offer client data backup and replication with state of the art software and hardware products. We provide powerful, easy to use and affordable backup and availability solutions for recovery of visualize applications and data. In case our clients experience disasters to their information and infrastructure our solution will ensure fast restoration of data lost during the disaster. Our solution covers visualized environments.


We provide a perfectly replicated environment with desks, telephones and computers pre-installed and ready for use by each client as soon as they have difficulty working in their sites. Clients are then able to move their key staff into our continuity center and continue their daily operations with minimum disruption while their own premises and infrastructure is being restored.


Our continuity site offers encryption to all the data that is transferred and stored. The site is guarded and constantly monitored by 24 hour surveillance cameras. Access to the site is monitored, authorized personnel can only gain access as we have taken very effective access control measures. Our network is monitored by one of the best security appliances on the market. We provide all the best forms of security to our clients’ data and information.


We provide server hosting to our clients on a virtual platform. Clients can remotely access their servers from the comfort of their homes during a crisis at the workplace so that they continue working. In addition to server hosting we provide cloud based services allowing clients to have access to applications, storage and other IT infrastructure elements.



1. Mitigate Financial Loss
Our services ensure there is no downtime to our clients business. The infrastructure may go down but the business side of the client will continue to operate saving the client money and resources with continuous production.

2. Mitigate Market Share Loss
A business with many shareholders has to always be in production to keep share holders and other investors happy. With a decline in business production there is always the likelihood of losing investors. We by all means necessary intend to keep the business side of things going even during disasters to keep business partners happy.

3. Mitigate Negative Publicity
Customers are the lifeline of any business venture, in order to keep a customer happy we must always provide the best service so that they do return in future for more business. Our solution keeps customers of clients happy because the services are still being offered even during times of crises.

4. Establish Recovery Objectives For Various Disaster Scenarios
Continuity service solutions include preparation for any type of disaster. This is to ensure that any problem the client has we will meet its solution head on.

5. Safeguard Data
We provide safety and security to the client’s vital records, systems, processes and personnel. In the event that this data is lost or destroyed it can be safely recovered and restored back to the client so they continue working.

6. Guarantee Availability
We ensure that clients will always be guaranteed high availability of mission critical services that are essential in running the day to day tasks of the business.

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