Endpoint Protection Antivirus

Panda endpoint protection antivirus stops malware, ransomware and threats that leverage unknown (zero day) vulnerabilities using an easy-to-manage Cloud-based console and a lightweight agent that doesn’t interfere with performance of the endpoints. Cloud native Security solution for desktops, laptops and servers. Get AI  features like Security monitoring Web filtering and activity monitoring.

endpoint protection antivirus

Key Features

Endpoint protection antivirus gives you access to useful features listed below.

Endpoint protection stops malware, ransomware and latest threats

Detailed, real-time security monitoring and reporting

Malware “freezer” to isolate and paralyze detected malware

Web filtering and activity monitoring

Lightweight agent and easy-to-use Cloud-based console

Extend security by adding patch management and encryption without a new deployment

Panda Endpoint Protection

This effective, Cloud-native security solution for desktops, laptops and servers centrally manages the security of endpoints, both inside and outside the corporate network.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus

Endpoint Protection Plus is a complete security solution for endpoints against malware, ransomware and the latest threats, and anti-spam protection for Exchange servers.

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