Access switches for enterprise

A smarter, more secure Edge is closer than you think. Get what you need to connect users, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and IoT devices. Find solutions that scale with your business — solutions that can be deployed and managed with ease.

The difference in Aruba access switches

IT operations

Cut complexity with a consistent operator experience, simplified network design, and unified management. Get the flexibility to deploy the same AOS-CX hardware and software from edge access to data center.

Automated and unified policy

Leverage automation to enforce consistent role-based policies for users and IoT across wired and Wi-Fi networks. Get real-time traffic separation and security. Meet the needs of IoT with Aruba CX.

Amazing, always-on performance

Deliver a best-in-class user experience with a resilient, highly available access layer. Prevent bottlenecks with industry-leading performance, high-density 60W PoE, and multi-gigabit Ethernet.

The difference in Aruba campus core and data center switches

Simplified IT operations

Simplify network design, management, and ongoing IT operations with modern, cloud-native architecture and switching platforms. automate, unify, and protect the Edge.

Accelerated service provisioning

Speed up infrastructure provisioning with software-defined fabric automation and orchestration. Integrate into your existing IT operational frameworks with ease.

Increased visibility and control

Get real-time, network-wide visibility with analytics in every switch. Troubleshoot and fix problems faster. Automatically detect and proactively solve network issues.

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