Hosted server

A dedicated hosting environment is a powerful solution for businesses that are looking to scale efficiently, need to safeguard customer data and rely on peak performance for the best customer experience.  Some of the main advantages of server exclusivity include:

Security and Control

Single-tenant infrastructure provides higher levels of security and control, to help you address your security and compliance requirements.

High Performance Compute

We help you support your most demanding applications.

Cloud-ready and Scalable

Combine bare metal with the private or public cloud of your choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure®, VMware®, or OpenStack®.

Critical Hosting Needs

From architecture design, migration and security guidance, plus 24x7x365 operations and optimization. You can count on us.

24×7 Operations

We can deploy, monitor and handle the operational needs of your environment, 24x7x365.


Let us help you migrate your application from one technology to the other smoothly with less downtime.


We make sure your security and compliance requirements are met.

Architecture Design

We will design the right-fit solution to meet your requirements.

Applications Hosting

We deliver support that goes beyond what’s offered with basic Application Hosting Services, such as: 24/7 monitoring, ongoing application maintenance (e.g. software updates) and business continuity services for mission critical applications. ASC promote an advanced level of service delivery in the following areas: availability, reliability, security, scalability and compliance. We offer a 100% up time (application/platform availability) guarantee, which can be achieved through the proper use of virtualization and automated disaster recovery fail-over technologies.

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