The complete Remote Access for IT Professionals

We give you the ability to remotely run applications, access desktops, provide support, and more… without breaking your budget.

Remote Access and Web Application Portal

The best value-for-money and the simplest remote access alternative to Citrix and RDS.

Cybersecurity for Windows Servers

All-in-one tool to prevent cyberattacks of your IT infrastructure and stop intruders.

Remote Assistance and Screen Sharing

The ideal cloud-based software for providing attended/unattended assistance to remote clients.

PC-to-PC Remote Gateway Portal

The remote gateway solution to directly access your office Workstation from home.

Monitoring & Reporting for Remote Servers


Track your servers and websites’ health in real-time to troubleshoot issues faster.

How does it work?


TSplus Server Monitoring can be deployed and configured in minutes. Once installed on the Windows server or machine of your choice, the administrator can easily add or remove monitored servers and websites.

Contact us regarding this solution

Should you have any Inquiry regarding remote access or server monitoring contact us. We will help you choose the best package suitable for your needs. 

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