Accelerating Business Growth with Next-Generation Servers

Today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) must capitalize on effective new technologies in order to compete, evolve, and grow—transforming their IT environment is a critical first step. According to an SMB Group survey, 66 percent of small businesses and 79 percent of midsize businesses feel technological innovation helps them improve business outcomes. SMBs using strategic technologies need a comprehensive IT plan that can support growth and provide an agile foundation to accommodate rising industry requirements and customer demands, without sacrificing affordability. Hybrid IT is that solution. Harvard Business Review reports that businesses are adopting Hybrid IT to improve business flexibility, their ability to easily manage and act on data, and the capacity to operate seamlessly both on-premises and in the cloud.


Source: Harvard Business Review 2017

Hybrid IT allows businesses to center their IT resources on business outcomes while still providing the consistent, predictable agility and enhanced security required to protect even the most sensitive data. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is empowering customers to operate securely by delivering new HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, the world’s most secure industry standard servers. These proven platforms offer growing SMBs the following:

  • Scalable solutions for enhanced performance. ProLiant Gen10 servers come equipped with Intel Xeon Scalable processors that provide up to 71 percent performance boost over the previous generation. In addition, scalable controllers provide advanced storage functionality with pre-failure warnings.
  • Advanced security from the start. Security is built right into the silicon in all ProLiant Gen10 servers with Silicon Root of Trust, a link between the silicon and HPE integrated Lights Out (iLO) that was designed to prevent compromised firmware code from executing and recover proper code automatically.
  • Agility for accelerated insightScalable Persistent Memory helps businesses get more insights from data, faster than ever before, with three layers dedicated to application acceleration, persistency, and a backup power source to facilitate moving data to Flash. With this and other HPE advancements, businesses can personalize the server to the workload and automate application performance tuning.

ML110_Gen10_FT.jpgNew HPE ProLiant ML110 and ML350 Gen10 servers are built to support a business’s journey to a hybrid environment through a modernized infrastructure. In addition to the above, ML110 comes preloaded with ClearOS Software, a flexible and powerful operating system designed to meet SMB needs. The intuitive web-based Graphic User Interface allows SMBs to effortlessly navigate the Application Marketplace to download and deploy the necessary applications for their core business processes. And with ClearOS, businesses pay only for the services and applications needed. ML350 offers more expandability with choice of storage and an increased networking options, so no matter the business goals, ProLiant Gen10 servers have a solution.

HPE ProLiant ML110 and ML350 Gen10 servers deliver an infrastructure that is secure from the start, optimized for every workload, package for any consumption model, ready to scale, and built for agility and speed, giving businesses every tool necessary to harness digital disruptions and accelerate growth.


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