Windows 10 means business

Windows 10 Pro: Purpose built for business

• Get the most secure Windows OS that’s always up-to-date for the supported lifetime of the device4

• Increase productivity with better multitasking, including across your favorite Office5 apps, and faster bootup

• Works with virtually all your existing apps and peripherals, and requires minimal user training

• The biggest variety of form factors across a range of prices to fit your budget and needs

• New modern devices are optimized for mobility (less than 1″ thick, as light as 2.5 pounds, and battery life for a full workday)

With Windows 10 Pro devices with Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors you can

Protect what you’ve built

Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows ever. With modern devices and Windows 10 Pro you can get protection built in end-to-end.

Protects users

•Windows Hello replaces passwords with facial and fingerprint recognition.

•Connect with Azure Active Directory for easier identity management and single sign-on to Windows 10 Pro and many apps including Office 365 offerings.

Protect devices

•Windows Defender System Guard allows only trusted apps to run on your computer.

•BitLocker10 and BitLocker to Go encryption helps protect against data loss on stolen or lost devices.

Protect business information

•Windows Information Protection helps protect against accidental leaks and unauthorized sharing of sensitive information. Windows Defender Antivirus helps safeguard your work in real time against cyberattack

Get more done anywhere

Modern Windows 10 Pro devices empower you and your team to stay productive from anywhere on devices purpose-built for business.

Improve mobility

•Remote Desktop gives users access to their full desktop from any device. •Optimize on-the-go productivity with Office 365 apps •Get the same experience across all your devices •Mobile employees estimate 25% boost in productivity.13

Work the way you want

•Interact with multiple options including voice, digital pen, touch, and gesture

•Choose from the widest range of form factors and capabilities designed to meet today’s diverse business needs.

Get a solution designed for business

•Collaborate more efficiently with built-in tools like Timeline, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana

•Run 8 or more apps simultaneously without performance degradation, compared to older PCs that can only run about 5.

•With battery life for a full workday, new 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based laptops running Windows 10 can analyze data up to 40 percent faster than running on four-year old systems.

Simplify IT

Windows 10 Pro devices are easy to set up, use, and manage. Your employees can get started with virtually no help or training from IT.

Shift smoothly to modern devices

•Windows 10 Pro is compatible with 99% of Windows 7 apps.

•Modern devices integrate easily with existing technology including networks, printers, and other hardware

Streamline device management

•With Windows Autopilot, users can set up new devices on their own, while your IT team retains control and compliance through the cloud.

•Keep devices current on your schedule with Windows Update

Reduce IT costs

•IT administrators estimate an average 20% improvement in management time with faster deployment, more self-service functions, and reduced need for third-party software.

•An estimated 15% improvement in IT efficiency could save up to US P270,700 annually.

•65% of SMBs say that newer computers reduce overall maintenance.

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