How HPE can help your organisation navigate the impacts of COVID-19

At HPE we pride ourselves on being a force for good, in even the most trying of times. Our teams bring together expertise, support, technology solutions and financial flexibility to meet your needs and support you through these uncertain times, and beyond. We understand that the new and unforeseen challenges make your working life look very different, but we also know that your outcomes need to be consistent, which is why we’re still providing the same solutions, tailormade to equip you during this challenging period and into the future.

Working with you, we can address your most urgent issues as well as helping boost your service to maintain business continuity in order to move forward and emerge stronger than ever. Our support will enable you to deliver your vital outcomes as we work together to get the best out of your tech, supporting, encouraging and motivating your staff in their important roles. I’ve outlined the areas in which we are expertly equipped to offer bespoke solutions, but if you can’t see the answer here to any question or requirement you may have, please do get in touch with us.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions
Remote connectivity solutions
Data storage solutions
Remote management solutionss
HPE Financial Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions

Virtual desktops have surged in demand, offering the ideal remote working solution. But we know that for many people, this shift to a VDI is a new challenge, so in early April we announced some new initiatives to support organisations. HPE offers simple, preconfigured solutions for Citrix and VMware environments built on HPE ProLiant that can support up to 80 seats per server and can scale incrementally to support thousands, providing you with a solution that will last beyond the pandemic.

We are also offering short term rentals and payment deferrals, to help organisations access the services they need right now with the budget they have. HPE GreenLake VDI provides a fully managed and supported environment, delivering on-demand usage where you only pay for what you use. Reliable, resilient and secure, HPE GreenLake is supported by our skilled engineers who can resolve most issues remotely. You can find out more here.

Midsize organisations and SMBs may benefit from a hyperconverged infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity is a simple, intelligent hyperconverged platform that is fast, uncomplicated and efficient. Data protection and backup/recovery are built in; it has guaranteed data efficiency and simplified operations with a VM-centric management. It’s fully scalable, so you can start small and grow as you need to, over the months and years to come. HPE SimpliVity is available with HPE GreenLake, using a pay-as-you-consume model, reducing the impact on cash flow and releasing valuable money to help your organisation in these turbulent times.

Organisations with over 600 workers may benefit from looking to HPE Synergy for their VDI. Using a single interface, HPE Synergy composes compute, storage and fabric resources, powering workloads within a hybrid cloud environment. This efficient software-defined solution can automate everyday operations and help your users to develop faster and smarter, supporting a diverse range of infrastructure requirements.

Large Enterprises will find that HPE Moonshot may be a good fit. A cloud solution designed for knowledge workers such as developers and traders, it is agile and efficient. Its combination of high performance, server density and energy efficiency makes it cost effective as well as scalable, to last you into the future. With integrated management, networking flexibility and integrated graphics, HPE Moonshot prioritises user experience, delivering more than a 70% performance advantage whilst consuming 25% less power than the previous generation.

Remote connectivity solutions

Seamless and secure access is important to maintain a safe, efficient and consistent user experience for your workforce. HPE Pointnext Services offer design and implementation expertise to ensure your people have secure, reliable connectivity quickly. This service extends to offer long-term solutions, such as more complex hybrid cloud options as well as other remote workplace practices, ensuring your organisation is future-proofed with evergreen services.

To get your teams connected quickly and easily, Aruba Remote Access Points enable a quick and simple set up for a temporary site or home-working environment. With up to four wired ports and multiple WAN connections, these access points are automatically configured; you just need to plug them into an internet connection and they’re good to go, connecting wired printers or powering IP phones, just like being back in the workplace.

Aruba’s range of outdoor Access Points (Aps) offer a quick and easy solution, extending your corporate network and delivering secure network connectivity anywhere, so your workers can get online with plug-and-play access points with zero-touch provisioning – important in this time of social distancing.

Data storage solutions

Demands can be unpredictable when remote and home working. With an increase in application workloads and rapid drawdowns in storage capacity, apps may slow, performance may reduce and frustrations may rise! HPE Nimble Storage helps to meet the unexpected demands you may be encountering.

Fast to deploy and simple to manage, HPE Nimble Storage guarantees 99.9% availability, the best all-flash capacity per terabyte you’ll find. We also know that data security can be a concern when working remotely, so we offer 360 degree back up and data security solutions to monitor against known and unknown threats and keep your organisation’s confidential information safe and secure.

HPE Cloud Volumes is an enterprise-grade multi cloud service that can run applications in the cloud of your choice. Using a consumption-based model, HPE Cloud Volumes is designed for easy data mobility, with simple and fast copy management that allows you to move data between private and public clouds using an ‘as-a-service’ model, with consumption-based pricing. You can easily track your current usage and therefore estimate your future costs, assisting with forward planning and avoiding potential over-provisioning.

Remote management solutions

With the geographical challenges of a remote workforce, managing the IT operations of your staff has the potential to become a mammoth task. Without remote support set up, we’ve seen organisations struggle to manage critical workloads. HPE Adaptive Management Services monitor, operate and optimise infrastructure and applications, from core to cloud to edge. We can help detect and resolve issues as well as advising you of potential improvements. We can also perform routine maintenance across key workloads, like SAP and databases.

HPE Infosight uses machine learning to develop insights into your infrastructure across servers, storage and virtualised resources. It can be a great help in predicting potential issues in your hybrid environment by analysing data and automatically resolving them.

This AI-driven operation protects your apps, boosts uptime and optimises performance for your users, meaning they should encounter fewer issues as your system learns.

To support the remote operation of your IT infrastructure, until the end of 2020 we are offering a free trial of HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Advanced. HPE iLO Advanced allows you to configure, monitor and update your HPE servers securely from anywhere, using a browser or mobile device. This remote operation also allows recovery of servers.

HPE Financial Services

HPE Financial Services offer a range of financial solutions to ease the pressure you may be feeling at this time. Able to help with some of the most urgent issues, the team offers services to release capital from existing technology, defer payments, provide short term rentals and offer pre-owned tech to fill some gaps. We can also defer costs and offer financial flexibility with subscriptions, and affordable leasing terms. Our 90 day delayed payment structure could help to reduce some of the strain on tight budgets. We also offer HPE GreenLake, a suite of complete IT solutions that are delivered on a pay-per-use basis. This can help you manage your capital whilst maintaining business as usual. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you need some additional financial advice or guidance, do get in touch.

A bespoke service for your requirements

HPE offers vital support to a vast range of organisations, but we understand the importance of tailoring our offerings to meet the needs of specific industry sectors. We know that small and medium sized businesses may have different requirements to enterprises, education and public sector services, so we have developed a summary for each of the verticals detailing the specific and relevant guidance and support we can offer.

Although the future is still uncertain, we do know that the world will recover at some point, so being prepared and equipped is vital. As we settle into these new ways of working, it provides an opportunity to look at implementing some longer-term solutions to support workers through this period of home-working, and beyond. This will support a smooth transition back to the workplace in due course, as well as providing a robust remote working infrastructure, should you choose to implement a new or updated flexible working policy in the future.

Get in touch

We are here to help. In addition to the HPE technology, we’re in the process of organising webinars, remote training and up-to-date advice and guidance for organisations to support you through this time which we’ll add to this blog post and publicise through our social channels.


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